Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital Hosts the Stand By Me Amputee Support Group


Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital hosted the Stand By Me Amputee Support Group cook out on Saturday June 12, 2017.

Sue Ecton
Sue Ecton was glad to get to return to WRH to see some of the therapists that she had worked with. She had the inspiration Bible quote that got her through rehabilitation printed on her prosthesis.
Boyce Ingram, Gary Heitz, Steve Peirce
Boyce Ingram, Gary Heitz, and Steve Peirce entertained the group with a mixture of acoustic tunes.
Shana Thongphalia, Emily Guenther, Heidi McCarthy
Shana Thongphalia, Emily Guenther, and Heidi McCarthy helped serve food and took the opportunity to reconnect with some past patients.
Monty and Beth Rush
Monty and Beth Rush coordinate the Stand By Me Amputee Support Group.
Kristie Ball, Betty Shuman, LaDessa Forrest, Tisha Catlin, Anita Reimer, Shana Thongphalia, Heidi McCarthy, Emily Guenther
Kristie Ball, Chief Nursing Officer; Betty Shuman, Human Resources Director ; LaDessa Forrest, Director of Therapy Operations; Tisha Catlin, Director of Marketing Operations; Anita Reimer, Direcotr of Case Managment; Shana Thongphalia, Wound Nurse; Heidi McCarthy, Physical Therapist; and Emily Guenther, Occupational Therapist
Joey, The Black Labrador
Joey, the black Labrador who had his front left leg amputated was on hand to greet guests too! 

Source: Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital