Patient Testimonial

Joseph McFadden

February 24,2017

To: Wesley Rehab Administration, staff of all departments
From: Joseph S. McFadden

I would not be able to overemphasis my experience at your facility. I was so impressed about each department, which assisted me getting better physically and emotionally. Never in my life has an inpatient rehab, or any hospital I have ever been in treated me so well. Every department I experienced was very incredible to me. Polite, respectful to other patients and myself. They knew their job and did it exemplary.

This memory will remain for my lifetime. These are honest feelings, and sincere on my part. I can’t do some of your staff justice due to memory problems with name remembrance. Megan an RN there on west hall treated me very well, Camilla was timely and patient. I was especially impressed with their motivation to be helpful, and accurate in instructions of medicines for me.

Fact is you entire nursing staff gave me the best care by nurses I have ever had. Alexandra Smith a CNA gave me time and listened to problems that help me feel at ease. Professional and personable they listened with empathy. Nancy of the OT department went way beyond the call of duty helping me daily, with my limitations, and carefully with my distress, and just overall gave me her time, and extra effort to me, and utilized getting my return to normalcy, and on the road to recovery.
PT therapist Stephanie was very professional yet patient, and interactive and sense of humor that made my state better, and I improved in just a few days while being inpatient. Speech Therapist Jenny and other speech therapists gave me time and did teach me techniques that improved my speech and positively supported me. The food service was good and the staff were kind and efficient. Pinky from supplies would have a smile, and kind words to me. PT, OT, ST was very beneficial for me too. There is no certain order who was 1st or last. The doctors were regularly there Dr. Bowers and Dr. Morgan and Dr. Reid were kind, and careful to help me get better. The respiratory therapist was timely and informative per helping me with breathing, and night comfort.

They all worked together as a team, and cared for all patients that I witnessed. The entire staff was committed to getting me, and other patients the maximum benefit of rehab. I could have not had better in my experience. Chris Crumb social worker was very good at interactive with me, and made a very good aftercare plan with Nancy, Stephanie and Jenny. The administrator was concerned about my wellbeing, and how I felt about my stay at Wesley Rehab. I am affected with memory problems and really no words could accurately express my thankfulness I have for you all.

I have a number of friends, I have told of my experience there. I will continue this into the future and recommend anyone to you all, and I assure you, that you all rank #1 with me in Wichita as well as other cities hospital I have been in. I rate your entire staff at an AP rating, advanced performance 100% satisfied.

With Respect and Thankfulness,

Joseph S. McFadden

P.S. I sent survey sent to me with a copy of this letter, but I wanted to send this to you too


Joseph McFadden