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Andrea Baker

Andrea Baker

Andrea Baker, an active substitute teacher, awoke at 4:30 in the morning on Jan. 17, 2016, noticing that her right arm felt weak and uncoordinated. When the symptoms persisted throughout the morning, she called her family. Once they saw Andrea, they noticed facial drooping on the right side of her face. Andrea was rushed to the emergency room in McPherson, Kansas, and was transferred to Wesley Medical Center, where further testing confirmed she had experienced a stroke.

As Andrea recovered in the hospital, she struggled with coordination, affecting her ability to walk safely or on her own. She needed help to simply get in and out of bed. With significant improvements needed, Andrea was transferred to Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital just two days after her stroke to begin the process of regaining her independence.

While at Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital, Andrea received physical therapy to improve balance, strengthening and coordination. She also participated in occupational therapy to strengthen her upper body and increase coordination, allowing her to once again manage her own personal care. In addition to therapy, nurses who specialize in rehabilitation reinforced the same continued care throughout her hospital stay, keeping Andrea safe and comfortable.

“It must be a requirement for everyone working at Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital to be kind, compassionate and respectful,” Andrea said, “because everyone treated me so well. And the therapists were so fun and energetic to be around!”

Following one week of progression in her personalized rehabilitation plan, Andrea was able to walk out of Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital with her family. Today, she continues outpatient therapy with the goal of walking on her own without the use of a walker.

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